Aniamtors in Vita Park

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Dzisiejszy post będzie po angielsku. Dlaczego? Żeby właśnie Ci wspaniali animatorzy mogli to przeczytać... i zrozumieć. Mam nadzieję, że nie sprawi wam to wielkiego problemu i przepraszam za utrudnienia.
Today I want write about animators in Vita Park. In one word they are the best. actually I didn't recognize all the animators. I want to write about three animators which the most I remembered.
(random order)
There is:
Everyday at 10.15 conducts the yoga/ stretching.For afternoon about hour 15.00 - aqua aerobic. At 12.00 with Bubi they are organising coctail game. It's great becose it's a lot of fun. Of the first day when I was in Bulgaria there were swimming races. Of other day bowling... every day something else has been. But the best are costumes. Everyday when Radi and Bubi go to write list of willing persons Radi or Bubi have very funny costumes. One day Radi look like baby and than I said to my friends that she look like Pink Baby Superman :D Apart from that Radi makes very, very good hairstyles. Like that:

I as this way as already said Bubi with Radi everyday organising coctail game and have very funny costumes but it's not every. At 10.30 she conducts aqua aerobic. I forgot to said about darts. Not everyday but often Bubi and Radi are organizing darts. Bubi isn't very tall (but I like it) and if somebody taller than she this person have three darts if not one but then this person is closer than other. Bubi likes be wet :D Everyday she's wet. When somebody (e.g. me when I'm wet) hug her, put her to the water or she jump :D

But I call him Mikko... long story ( I just heard wrong). He's very funny guy. I don't know him like Radi and Bubi. I know that he's great dancer, comedian, actor and of course sportsman. Everyday at 11.00 he conducts water polo. There are days when he's playing. Some times he's DJ.

I remember one special evening. There was a Bingo but I'm not here. I'm in lobby. And my family and their. And I'm boring there but then Radi, Bubi, Mitko and the rest of animators are came. And then the party is starting. It's great fun.
Okey it all for today. Thanks for reading and I invite you to look at my Facebook page.
Sorry if I write something wrong but I'm not very good in english.


  1. Super pomysł, żeby napisać post po angielsku!
    Tylko, że trzeba by jeszcze poprawić błędy xD ;)

    1. Właśnie dlatego napisałam na dole, że przepraszam jeżeli coś źle napisałam...


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